Meet North!

Hello out there and welcome to The Writer’s Quest! Are you an enthusiastic writer or reader? Do you love to learn about anything and everything you can about writing? Are you interested in exploring the concepts of writing, and what makes a writer a writer? Do you need help coming up with story ideas? Then you have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is North, and I am your writing fanatic that will be asking the questions and providing you content. I am a writer of ten years and I love exploring the ways of writing. I love thinking about ways to improve my writing and questioning writing itself among different aspects. I have had many experiences with writing and I am often puzzled by certain styles. I have completed over ten novels and have countless unfinished manuscripts. I have taken formal writing classes over the years, but that has come nowhere close to the knowledge that I have gained through reading for pleasure and experimenting with my own stories.

This blog is here to accomplish one thing: to help aspiring writers. I am here to ask and answer the questions that some think about and are afraid to ask. I am here to explore different aspects of writing with you. I want you to read every post on this blog and leave with more questions in mind, because those questions are what provides this blog with content. Your questions fuel this website. I want my blog to make you think about concepts and ask questions. On this site, we generally cover topics that some beginner writers may think about and ask, but graduated writers are more than welcome to enjoy as well.

I hope you are ready to start asking questions! Head over to our main blog space and skim around. Read what is interesting to you, and do not forget to ask questions!

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